Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks - 26th October 2017

Once again our very happy band of young Chicks have enjoyed a patchwork day with Mums and Grannies, their Hens, well supported by some of our St Wenn Quilters under the expert tuition of Lesley Coles.

Our improving sewing skills resulted in some colourful Christmas stockings so the pressure was on to get them finished in time to be filled up!  They all did really well and it was super to see a new recruit, who had never used a machine before, waving her finished stocking for the group photo.

We have been asked why we need both the Quilters and the Hens.  We have expensive machines donated for the day by our local group and some of the equipment is really quite dangerous; for example the rotary cutters.  The odd pin prick is OK, as long as we don’t ‘drip' on the fabric, but the potential for the loss of a finger tip or worse keeps us all very observant.  It is the role of the quilters to ensure this doesn’t happen whilst supervising the various techniques.  Our ‘Hens’ can encourage both during class and at home and finally we even have one very non-sewing  ‘Hen' who has produced her own stocking.

We meet in school holidays and our next session will be Thursday 15th February 2018 - how about that for forward planning!   Please book in advance and all enquiries by phone or e-mail to 01208 812497 or

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