St Wenn Society

St Wenn Society News & Events

  • 20.01.2014
  • AN AWEN GELTEK - Wassailing 2014
  • AN AWEN GELTEK - Wassailing
  • 07.05.2014
  • St Wenn Society AGM
  • 20.01.2014
  • St. Wenn Parish Society - Anniversary Party
  • First Anniversary Party 1st March 2014
  • 07.03.2014
  • An Awen Geltek - March Get Together
  • Castle-an-Dinas
  • 01.03.2014
  • Society's 1st Anniversary PARTY
  • Evening of fun in St Wenn
  • 17.01.2014
  • Wassail
  • Wassailing: singing and drinking to the health of the apple trees.
  • 22.09.2013
  • Litter Ramble 2 pm
  • Demelza, Tregonetha, Kernick, Rosenannon, Trewallock & St Wenn

About Us

Rules and Objectives

The name of the Society shall be The St.Wenn Parish Society

The Society

The Society covers the villages of Rosenannon, Tregonetha, St.Wenn, and surrounding areas, which make up the Parish of St.Wenn.


To preserve and enhance the character of the Parish, including the villages of Rosenannon, Tregonetha, St.Wenn, the outlying areas and the immediate environs within, and which border the parish of St. Wenn (the Parish) as a living community.

The Aims are to:

- Protect the physical character and rural environment of the whole of the Parish
- Provide an independent focal point and forum for the community to express its wishes and concerns.
- Support local activities and fundraising
- Promote the use of the amenities of the Parish
- Enhance the spirit of neighbourliness
- Foster communication between members of the community


The Society is open to all persons, aged 18 and over, who share the Objectives of the Society, and live within the parish.


The Society has the minimum “red tape” and officers, having only a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, which are necessary for the Society to operate.

General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held at intervals of not more than fifteen months from the preceding Annual General Meeting.
At any General Meeting of the society every member of the Society shall be entitled to be present.


The Society endeavours to review all Planning Applications submitted for St.Wenn Parish and those in neighbouring Parishes, which are likely to have an impact on our area.
The Society makes its views known to the Planning Authority if it believes an Application may have a detrimental effect within the Parish.
The Society welcomes the views of its members about planning applications and other local issues, which members believe to be important.

Winding up

If it is considered necessary or advisable to dissolve the Society, a meeting shall be called to allow members to make a collective decision as to how and when this should be, and where to allocate any funds at the Society’s disposal.


Make your voice heard! As a member of the Society you will have a stronger voice on issues affecting the Parish.

There is no annual membership fee but funds are needed to operate the Society and donations will be gratefully received.


If you would like the Society to undertake a task that will benefit the Parish and can be achieved by residents giving their time to a good cause, please contact Richard or Angela at the addresses on the Contact Information page.