Saturday 10th November 2018

A 'Blighty Breakfast' will be served in St Wenn Hall from 10am until 12 noon.  A breakfast selection will be on offer and served by members of the St Wenn Community Fund.  £7 for adults and £4 for children. Cash only.  All welcome!

Afterwards, why not visit The Flower Festival and Exhibition, which continues from 10.30am until 4.30pm in St Wenna Church (SatNAV PL30 5PS).  Poetry readings and a period of reflection will take place in the afternoon.  Entry is £2.50 per person on the door.  All welcome.  Afternoon Cream Teas and cakes will be available to purchase in the hall.

From 6.30pm, the doors of the Church will open for a Cinema Night.  Come and watch Michael Morpurgo's screen adaptation of his best selling novel - War Horse (12). At the outbreak of WW1, Joey, Albert's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry and shipped to France.  Soon caught up in enemy fire, fate takes him on an extraordinary journey as he experiences the tragedies of war around him. Meanwhile, too young to enlist, Albert joins the army  - what happens to both of them?   Rated 12, brave children and adults alike are welcome! Running time: 143 minutes. approx.

War Horse will follow a special screening of a short WW1 documentary drama called Cornish Tommies: From War to Peace...Directed by Gemma Wearing and produced by C Fylm and a talented group of young film makers, Cornish Tommies tells the story of an 18 year old Cornish miner from St Agnes who was called up and served in the trenches. Running time: Approximately 12 mins. 

Admission of £5.00 each on the door with the usual cinema treats being available including soft drinks, popcorn and chocolate.  Children can bring a comfy cushion (or two) to sit on.  Adults can bring your own drink and means to drink it with! 

Please ensure your mobiles are switched off for the film to start at 7pm prompt!  Only children aged 12 years and over should be accompanied by adults and properly supervised.

We acknowledge this was an horrific and brutal war and suggest that some discussion takes place with any child/children BEFORE allowing them to watch the film. Age Ratings will apply. 

This Cinema Night is being brought in collaboration with C Fylm and Carn to Cove, which are part of Creative Kernow - special thanks to Imogen for guidance and assistance for this event.