Litter pick in St Wenn

More than twenty five hardy souls helped collect litter from around the village.

On a blustery, and sometimes, rather wet, Sunday, 15th April more than twenty five hardy souls turned up at the car park. Fully protected in wellies, waterproofs and armed with bags and litter pickers, they fanned out across the parish to gather up what others didn’t want, litter!

Merv Brockelbank started off the day, with his helpers, Dan and Harry Hewitt (thanks guys). He gathered several bags of rubbish up his end of the parish.

We started at 2.30pm and by 4’o’clock had collected a big pile of assorted rubbish. From plastic to polystyrene, bottles to buckets and drink cans to take away food containers, even a Christmas tree!

Ed Coode and 3 young helpers did the school field, well done.

The rest of us covered as much territory as we could, special thanks to Archie, Erin, Ailsa, Jess and Ella, for all their hard work. It comes to something when youngsters have to pick up rubbish left by adults. Most of us got in on the ‘photo session’ except for Merv and Angela McKinnon. After the litter pick we all had a welcome cup of tea and lovely homemade cakes, thanks to the bakers.

Ps. Plastic sheets were the biggest problem to gather up. Firmly impaled high up in hawthorn trees, buried under sticky mud, wrapped around wire fences, wedged under rocks, floating along in rivers, and welded to the tarmac where it had been run over a thousand times.

Cornwall is a windy county so all this lightweight plastic blows around if not stored away securely. Please secure your recycling awaiting collection, and control rogue bits of plastic from forage bales, silage clamps and potato fields.

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